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When it comes to Industrial Plumbing, SEPG delivers quality results time and time again. Over the years, we have worked on projects and maintenance ranging from schools, food manufacturing facilities, automotive, factories, pharmaceutical organisations through and chemical plants.

Industrial plumbing presents a whole new scale of potential risk and compliance, which is why we pride ourselves in the systems and processes that we’ve developed over the years, which ensure the smooth and safe running of an industrial plumbing project.

Here are some typical industrial plumbing projects that we’ve worked on over the years:


Chilled Water Lines

We’ve been responsible for both the installation and maintenance of flow and return chilled water lines.


Flow and Return

We’ve worked on hot and cold flow and return services, designed to deliver water, or other fluids at a constant temperature to the source.

Trade Waste

We’re fully equipped to install and service trade waste lines in industrial applications. Whether it’s for hot water, grease, or chemical lines. We’re also highly experienced in oil separator and grease trap installations and maintenance.


Steam Plumbing

We’ve worked on many steam related projects in the past, including supply and return lines from boiler units, valve assembly’s and condensate drainage.


We’ve worked with all types of tanks, including but not limited to; water storage tanks for potable, fire and flushing systems; rain water harvesting; sewer and waste water; and trade waste.


Manufacturing Plant Plumbing

We’re familiar with anything related to manufacturing and industrial production. We’ve worked on projects specialising in food production, right through to pharmaceuticals and automotive.


We’ve worked on pump systems for many different types of applications. Some of these include, fire systems, water, steam, gas, stormwater, sewer and rainwater systems.

Cooling Towers & Condensers

Cooling towers are very common on both commercial and industrial projects and we’ve worked with many applications over the years.

Water Filtration

We’ve installed water filtration systems on some seriously large projects in the past, including reverse osmosis systems with UV components.

Valve Replacement

We’ve replaced everything from butterfly valves, right through to non return, gate valves, double check valves, etc. If you have one, we’ve replaced it.

Pressure Reduction

We’ve installed pressure reduction and pressure limiting vales on various systems, including mains pressure reduction, appliance regulation and even gravity reduction (balancing valves).

Chemical Dosing Lines

As many industrial workplaces use chemicals, over the years we’ve worked a lot on installing and replacing the lines that transport fluids.

Pressure Pipe

There are many industrial plumbing services that operate under higher than normal pressures. We’ve worked on many high pressure systems that transport materials like steam, gas, water and waste.
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