OH&S Policy

At SEPG we take OH&S Seriously!

As most of our work is largely industrial and commercial plumbing projects, we are very proactive in staying on top of our game when it comes to Health and Safety. We understand that the companies and principle contractors that we work alongside have to comply with strict occupational regulations, therefore we take it upon ourselves to be as proactive as possible when it comes to OH&S. We have a comprehensive OH&S policy covering all types of work we undertake.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured plumbers and we are more than happy to provide evidence in the space of documentation if requested. We keep these documents on record in the event that we’re asked for them art any stage.

Certified First Aid

We have certified first aid staff members that have been trained in risk management and scenario drills. Please speak with us to get specific information relating to staff members and qualification levels.

Fully Inducted Workers

All of our staff has passed our company induction procedure, which runs through our OH&S processes and expectations. Any of our staff sent to work on any site, will come in with the expectation of complying to the required regulations and boundaries of the governing policy.

SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements)

All of our staff are trained in the SWMS process. They have been trained to submit SWMS where needed, or if unsure to speak to a member of the governing leadership committee to establish whether, or not one is required. We have template SWMS ready for duplication and customisation upon request and they can be turned around in a very short timeframe.

Documented Toolbox Talks

We conduct regular, documented Toolbox Talks with our staff and team members (including contractors), covering off on any safety issues, procedures, or general affairs that need to be raised. Principle contractors are welcome to attend if necessary and they are also welcome to copies of the meetings. We will also raise any issues that have been requested by management upon request, t which we will address on our own, or in collaboration with others.

Tool Register and Tagging

All of our electrical equipment is regularly tagged and all of our non-electrical tools are regularly check to make sure they are in optimal working order. When tagging, we have a tool register that keeps track of certification dated and condition reports.

Any other documentation required

We also acknowledge that some organisations may have OH&S compliance requirements that is not part of our regular routine. We are entirely willing to conform to whatever documentation you require within the timeframe that you require them, provided we have been notified within a reasonable timeframe.

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