Chemical Plant Plumbing

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Chemical Plant Plumbing is a highly specialised area of plumbing that not only requires strict compliance qualifications, but also a lot of experience. There is no second chance when it comes to chemical management, so for the sake of you and your colleagues, please don’t take any chances.

Chemical Plant Servicing and Installation

Many of our industrial clients work with chemical plants, raising the level of safety compliance to a whole new level.

Over the years, we’ve been responsible for both the service and the installation of some extremely important ‘on-site safety features’ relating to chemical plants.

Safety Showers

Safety Showers are designed to remove foreign matter and dangerous chemicals from human contact. A large volume of water is projected towards the individual which thoroughly drenches them, thus removing anything that shouldn’t be there.

The contaminated water is then contained and removed for treatmant.
Safety showers are a necessary precaution in aiding the fast removal of any potentially dangerous substance and they must be installed and maintained by certified technicians, according to strict compliance regulations and codes of practice.

Eyewash units

Eyewash units are designed to remove foreign matter from eyes with the use of fresh water.

It’s not uncommon on a commercial, or industrial site to come in contact with things like dust and debris. Even with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like safety goggles being used, matter can sometimes end up in an eye, so it’s important that there is a facility on site that enables the unfortunate recipient a way of removing it.

Leaving it in the eye can cause further problems, so it’s best to address the problem as soon as possible. Thankfully, eyewash units provide this solution which in most cases keeps individuals away from the medical centre.

Chemical Plant Plumbing Service and Maintenance

As certified and experienced chemical plant plumbers, we offer a full service from design, right through to installation and ongoing testing and certification.

f you’re looking for experienced experts you won’t do better than us.

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